Luchiante was established in the year 2008 in Hungary. We are specialised in manufacture of custom-made, contemporary crystal lights and we sell worldwide.

Who we are?

Fanatic fools of creation, dedicated chasers of beauty, childish addicts of magnificent lights and lucent objects, correct and reliable partners of customers with the same passion.

Who believe in uniqueness and high quality craftmanship, who respect vocation and long for something extraordinary, elegant beauty because they know that our home tells a story about who we are, and we represent ourselves through the things we own.

Who understands that a high-quality, handcrafted item made with passion and devotion shows a piece of our personality, too.

Who – together with us – think that fashion and trends are for the moment but quality and style are timeless.

Contact us to help you design the perfect bespoke chandelier for your home, combining your ideas and our knowledge.
If you need something unique crystal light, we’ll be more than happy to create it for you. The bigger and crazier your idea the better we like!
If you’d like something different from our products, or if there is a light fixture elsewhere, that caught your attention, just tell us about it and we’ll do our very best to meet your requirements.

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