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Passion, Elegance, Brilliance

Luxury lighting design

We develop, design and manufacture custom chandeliers and bespoke, handcrafted crystal lights for designers, architects and private customers.

Obsessed creation, highest quality, luxurious luminaries from classic art deco to contemporary minimal.

For centuries, the crystal chandelier has been a symbol of beauty, elegance and status, which has been appreciated for its decorative, ethereal beauty and brilliance.

As manufacturers of custom made and unique crystal chandeliers, we believe that following historical traditions, spicing up with some Avant-Guard creativity and inspired by Art Deco style, crystal chandeliers can bring a spectacular, glamorous addition to any space and their possibilities for interiors are limitless.

A carefully chosen, handmade crystal chandelier contains an element of exclusivity and luxury which radiates not only light but sparkle, prestige and extraordinary beauty that you will enjoy every time you look at it.

A hand-made crystal chandelier is like a jewel which can be a crown of the interior.

That’s why we created Luchiante crystal chandelier brand which represents a symbiosis of historic truthfulness and contemporary craftsmanship.

Contemporary crystal chandeliers

The manufacturing of exquisite crystal chandeliers is an ambitious task, demanding the maximum skills, passion, and also the best materials.

We design, manufacture and install our contemporary crystal chandeliers using lead crystals from such famous brands as Asfour and Swarovski.

Asfour is the world’s largest producer of full lead crystals and also the most used brand in Europe. Swarovski is the best-known crystal manufacturer, thanks to its perfect laser cutting and high quality polishing technique. We produce chandeliers with various styles, shapes and sizes but they all can be tailored to your conception and possibilities.

There are many different crystal drops and pendants to choose from, each one in a variety of sizes and every type has a different light reflection.

Combining crystals with the newest, colourful LED lighting technology creates a special, wonderful sight and feeling. It looks very modern yet it keeps the gracefulness and chic of a classic crystal chandelier.

The interaction of tradition and modernity gives our products a breath taking, timeless elegance. Just like the light reflects on the surface of a crystal, our passion is reflected in the quality of our creations, and radiates out from our chandeliers wherever they are hung.

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