Manufacturing Luchiante crystal chandeliers we use different type of lead and glass crystals. The main factor that differentiates all crystals is the percentage of lead oxide that is added into the crystal composition. The higher the percentage of lead oxide in the glass the greater the density and therefore the more vibrant the colours are reflected. A high quality crystal chandelier is made with full lead crystals (lead oxide content about 30%) that reflect a rainbow of colours and along with polished Italian stainless steel frame it will sparkle for many years to come. The top brands of lead crystal manufacturers are Asfour Crystal and Swarovski Crystal but there are also nice quality glass crystals, called Crystallin.

Swarovski Elements Strass: Well-known, premium brand, the highest quality lead crystals available in the world. The elements contain 32% lead oxide which represents Rolls-Royce category among crystals. You can find a small, laser etched logo of Strass in each crystal pieces. In general, colours and quality are very consistent so if budget is not an issue, these will give you the best sparkle money can buy.

Swarovski Spectra: This is the lead free chandelier crystal marketed under the Swarovski umbrella. Spectra prisms and pendants have the same high quality cut and surface polishing as all Swarovski products, but they are lighter in weight without lead content and their price is lower than Strass Elements.

Asfour Crystal: Asfour is the largest single manufacturer of full-cut lead crystal in the world, as well as one of the biggest chandelier manufacturers in the world and the most used brand in Europe. The crystals contain 30% lead oxide, they are precision cut and polished in order to maximise their colour refraction and sparkle.

Crystallin: Contains less than 10% lead oxide and can be polished like leaded glass but still shines and sparkles more beautifully then pure glass. They are ideal choice for chandeliers which contain huge amount of crystal pieces.


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Choseable christal elements
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